BARGOED & GILFACH 1914-18 & 1939-45                                               BARGOED & GILFACH MEMORIAL

The Memorial was originally erected, in 1923, in the centre of Bargoed. Its unveiling is shown in the picture below
It was later moved to Bargoed park.
As a result of vandalism it was again moved, this time to Bargoed churchyard where it stands today.
Originally no names were inscribed on the memorial. The names were added in 2005 and were unveiled by Caerphilly MP Wayne David, and AM Jeff Cuthbert in a re-dedication ceremony at St Gwladys Church organised by the Royal British Legion. The names of the soldiers on the monument - 133 from Bargoed and 30 from Gilfach - were researched by Ray Thompson, secretary of Bargoed's Royal British Legion.

Bargoed War Memorial History 

The names of the dead are on the right and left side of the Memorial, those on the left being from Bargoed and those on the right from Gilfach. No distinction has been made between those who fell in the First or Second World War.

Left Panel

Right Panel

1939-45 Names on Bargoed & Gilfach War Memorial

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